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Ahlan wa Sahlan!

Welcome to the Arabic Flagship Program at the University of Maryland.  We are proud to be one of only five Arabic Flagships in the nation.  Our mission is to create the next generation of global professionals who speak Arabic at a professional level and possess deep knowledge about the many cultures of the modern Middle East.  Our Arabic program at UMD is hosted in a high quality university that offers many areas of study, and we have created a strong and vibrant community for Arabic learning. 

Our students benefit from rigorous classes taught by well trained and experienced faculty, the latest technology, cultural activities, field trips, language partners for one to one practice, and a wide array of specially designed workshops to help our students learn Arabic and to practice what they learn.

The Flagship program combines intensive study in the US (both academic year and summer programs), with well-articulated periods of immersion overseas in Morocco.  We are proud of our talented and diverse Flagship students who achieve long-term success in our program.

Graduates of our program go on to take their place as leaders in government, education, and in the private sector.  They are able to use their sought after language skills, many diverse majors, and real life experience gained through internships and intensive immersion overseas to make a difference to US national security and interests and to secure meaningful, well paid careers.

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