Education Abroad - Spanish

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Message from the Head of the Department

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese (SPAP) is fully committed to providing our students with a variety of opportunities to study abroad in a Spanish and/or Portuguese-speaking country. Being exposed to the target language in immersion settings is a fundamental part of becoming a proficient speaker in the language. We offer Winter, Summer, and Semester programs in Spain and Latin America that fulfill Spanish major and minor requirements. In addition to Spanish instruction, we also offer short-term programs taught in English for general education (GEN ED) to engage a wider community of students who are developing language skills and/or have limited time before graduation. One of the best ways in which UMD students can become effective global citizens is by engaging with others in their native language, learning their cultural traditions, and living their socio-political realities. Our students become culturally competent and agents of cultural diversity.  Our programs provide a unique opportunity to foster the type of cross-fertilization that is an integral part of participating in and experiencing the HUMANITIES.


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