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Persian Flagship

Join us for Persian Movie Night this Wednesday evening, hosted by the Persian Flagship Program.

Just in time for Friday, the Persian Flagship's first Cultural Club will focus on Valentine's Day in Iran and how social media has affected young people's relationships.


Join us for this week's Persian Movie Club, where we will be watching Bazi or "The Play". This event is open to all students.

Join us in the Persian Student Lounge to watch the comedy "Tehran anar nadarad" or “Tehran Has No More Pomegranates!”, the story of Tehran from the Qajar time (mid-19th century) to today,

Join us for the viewing of "Under the Peach Tree" as part of the Persian Flagship Movie Club, held every other Thursday afternoon.

Why Study Persian?

Persian speakers who are proficient at speaking, reading and writing are in high demand in a wide range of careers, including work with government agencies, internationa



The Amouzegar Undergraduate Scholarship


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