B.A. in Chinese

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The Chinese major  provides the training and cultural background needed for entering East Asia-related careers in such fields as higher education, the arts, business, government, international relations, agriculture, or the media. Students may also consider a double major in Chinese and another discipline such as business, government and politics, economics, or journalism. Chinese students have the option of applying to live in the Language House Living Learning Program and participating in a study abroad program.


All students new to SLLC courses must take the online Foreign Language Placement Assessment (FLPA) before registering for classes.
  • Language Acquisition Courses: 18 credits at the 200-level or above
  • Literature: 3 credits at the 300-level or above
  • Linguistics: 6 credits (CHIN 307 and 3 credits of Chinese linguistics at the 300-level or above)
  • History & Civilization: 6 credits of Chinese history and civilization (See TESTUDO for the list of current history courses)
  • Electives: 6 Credits of electives at the 300-level or above)


  • Students with prior experience in Chinese may satisfy prerequisites and language acquisition requirements by placement in consultation with the undergraduate advisor.
  • All pre-requisites imply "or equivalent knowledge." In cases of equivalent knowledge, required language-focus credits are replaced with the written approval of the Undergraduate Advisor or the Program Director.
  • Most content courses taught in Chinese are not open to fluent or native speakers of Chinese.
  • All majors returning from study abroad must take one 400 level course before graduating.


For information on study abroad programs see the Undergraduate Advisor and contact UMD Education Abroad.


We recommend that interested students declare their major as early as possible

Step 1

Carefully read CHIN major Requirements

Step 2

Read through all forms carefully, and pencil in a sequence of courses to discuss with the program advisor, Dr. Guiling Hu (ghu@umd.edu).

Step 3

Contact the Office of Student Affairs at the College of Arts and Humanities (301-405-2108) to make an appointment to discuss the non-Chinese aspects of your 4-Year plan (bring signed form from previous step), including CORE courses. Walk-in hours are also available.

Step 4

If you are adding Chinese as an additional major, check with your home department and college to identify paperwork you may need to complete.


Advisor: Guiling Hu
Office: 4223 Jimenez Hall
Phone: 301-405-0411

For more information about advising, please visit the advising section of our website.