Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
CHIN102 Spring 2016 Elementary Spoken Chinese 2 sections Mei Kong
CHIN103 Spring 2016 Elementary Written Chinese 2 sections Jungjung Lee-Heitz
CHIN203 Spring 2016 Intermediate Spoken Chinese II 2 sections Mei Kong
CHIN204 Spring 2016 Intermediate Written Chinese II 2 sections Jungjung Lee-Heitz
CHIN205 Spring 2016 Intermediate Chinese - Accelerated Track 1 sections Guiling Hu
CHIN213 Spring 2016 Chinese Poetry into English: An Introduction 1 sections Andrew Schonebaum
CHIN302 Spring 2016 Advanced Chinese II 1 sections Guiling Hu
CHIN306 Spring 2016 Life in China through TV Plays II 1 sections Yuli Wang
CHIN318 Spring 2016 Chinese Film and Culture 1 sections Satoru Hashimoto
CHIN332 Spring 2016 Chinese Culture through Traditional Chinese Arts 1 sections Yuli Wang
CHIN402 Spring 2016 Readings in Modern Chinese II 1 sections Guiling Hu
CHIN418F Spring 2016 Special Topics in Contemporary Chinese Fiction and Film; Literature and the City 1 sections Satoru Hashimoto
CHIN429E Spring 2016 Selected Topics in Chinese Studies; Ethnicity and Diversity in China 1 sections Minglang Zhou
CHIN441 Spring 2016 Traditional Chinese Fiction 1 sections Andrew Schonebaum